Covid Protocols


We continue to take Covid precautions very seriously. At this time, we do not have final direction from local, provincial or federal authorities on how Covid and vaccine rollout/acceptance will affect events on a go-forward basis. 

Our current plan is to follow existing guidelines.  If regulations change, we can easily adapt.


Our race day plan is as follows:

  1. Full Steam Ahead!  No restrictions remain in place so we can all race together.
  2. Wave Starts.  If limits are placed on gatherings we will stage our race starts and have corralling setup to send out each wave of athletes approximately 5 minutes apart.
  3. Leg Starts. Similar to wave starts, we can modify the event to start everyone together, but break the event up and send groups out on each leg – all at the same time!
  4. Race On Your Own. If we see a resurgence of Covid restrictions which limits our ability to significantly gather, we can adjust!  While the ‘race feel’ may be gone, the event won’t!  The course will be setup, start/finishline in place and finisher medals available.  You would have 12hours to complete the event between 7am and 7pm on your own schedule.

If you are not prepared to follow our guidelines, please don’t
come to the event. The safety of our runners, volunteers, staff, and the local community are far more important than any race. *the following may change at any time

  • All participants agree not to attend the event if they test positive for COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, exhibit symptoms or feel sick within 14 days prior to the event.  Not only is it unfair to other athletes, but you DEFINITELY won’t have a great race
  • Covid vaccine – If possible, please provide a copy of your vaccine inoculation
  • Wellness Check – As part of the registration, we ask that you complete the screening questionnaire upon check-in at the event
  • Face Masks – Face coverings or masks are required for all participants, staff, volunteers, and spectators at
    all congregation points of the race (start, aid stations, and finish).  Masks can be removed when on the course, as long as you can maintain proper social distance from others (6 feet from other runners).  Intentionally dropping/disposing of your mask will forfeit you from the event.
  • Hygiene – Hand sanitizer will be available throughout event at the start, all aid stations, medical, portable toilets, and the finish.  Aid stations have been redesigned to be touchless as much as possible. Our aid stations will offer repackaged food when possible & gloved/masked volunteers for any other service required.
  • Physical Distancing – All participants must practice physical distancing (maintaining a 6-foot distance from others). In areas where lines form (check-in, restrooms, wellness checks, and start corral) we will mark out lines or places to stand that are 6 feet apart.
    – Reduced Touchpoints – As much as possible we will reduce the touch points for the event, from check-in to finish line. There will be minimal “grab on your own” food at aid stations, most snacks will be pre-packaged and single serve. For the things that are not, participants will ask our aid station volunteers who will serve them on a plate or in a bag. Aid Station volunteers will pour drinks directly into runner’s cup, flask, or bladder.
  • Wave Starts (to be determined)– We ask that runners limit the number of people accompanying them to the Start Line to the bare minimum. In order to provide safe Covid separation between runners, we will be starting the race in waves of 30 runners (actual wave #’s may change) every 5 minutes, Do not show up at the start line until 20 minutes prior to your assigned start time. Stay in your car or away from the start area.  Heck you can just time it to leave your hotel room and be at the start 2 min before!